achieve buyer confidence indirectly via thought leadership

Why It's Important

B2B Marketers aren't creating Thought Leadership that matches what Buyers value

B2B Buyers say “credible research” is the


feature they value most in thought leadership (Financial Times)

And yet


of B2B marketers focus their Thought Leadership on articles and blog posts

Less than


of B2B Marketers focus on research, white papers, and data visualizations (Semrush)

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Why Original Research and Analytics is the Answer

The market is flooded with opinion-based noise. Unique compelling data is the way to cut through.

MarTech, AdTech, and Telecom companies have a deep supply of insight-rich user data in house, and surveys are a high ROI method to add context. Working with Persuasion.Art supercharges your writing, PR, content, events, and so much more. Here's how:.

Project Calendar

We'll interview your team, learn your product roadmap & strategy, and ideate and design 6-12 months of analytics & research projects to make your Thought Leadership world class. 2-3 months to completion.

Internal Analytics

We'll leverage our deep methodological expertise and data background to guide a project that leverages internal user data to track industry trends and establish credible proof points. 1-2 months to completion.

Primary Market Research

We'll start with the headlines and work backwards to design and execute a groundbreaking & compelling survey-based Thought Leadership project from idea to full storyline. 1-3 months to completion.

Who We Are

Introducing Persuasion.Art

Persuasion.Art is an expert specialist in the creation of industry-leading Thought Leadership programs for B2B tech companies in MarTech, AdTech, and Telecom. Our company is built on the belief that a focus solely on writing adds to the content marketing noise. To break through it, marketers need to paddle upstream.

>What unique POV and vision for the future can have staying power in market, and is a direct link to our client’s product suite and roadmap?

>How can we collectively leverage internal user data to quantify industry trends in a memorable and repeatable way?

>What data-based headlines will establish buyer confidence and inspire action?

>How can we generate a steady stream of methodologically sound and defensible proof points to support our client’s product suite?

Persuasion.Art offers the unique blend of skills required to execute:

>Extensive background in data strategy & research methodology

>SME in MarTech, AdTech, and Telecom

>Deep background in product and data innovation

>Widely published as a Thought Leader across trade, events, industry org white papers, award-winning podcast, and more

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persuasion art introduction

Aristotle’s 3 Modes of Persuasion







thought leadership agency

What Aristotle Taught Us about Thought Leadership

Aristotle's 3 Modes of Persuasion

Persuasion.Art executes Thought Leadership based on a proprietary framework built on top of Aristotle's 3 Modes of Persuasion, defined over 2000 years ago. These Modes amount to Credibility, Logic, and Emotion. Without compelling research & data, it's impossible to achieve all 3 with your Thought Leadership marketing. Persuasion.Art uses a 6-step process to source ingredients already within every tech company to power Thought Leadership that meets all 3 Modes. See some of our work Here

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About our Founder

Jake Moskowitz, a highly engaging speaker, presenter, and thought leader. He is a widely renowned expert at Tech-oriented Innovation and Thought Leadership Marketing, and is the host of an multi-award winning Podcast on Innovation: FIVE. His work has been published in Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, VentureBeat, and every major marketing trade publication. Jake was a founding member of innovation labs at AT&T, Nielsen, and Ericsson, and was a founding Partner at MediaLink. Jake has spearheaded Innovation projects with Meta, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, P&G, Coke, Viacom, Comcast NBCU, and many others. He's a established Thought Leader in 5G, AI/ML, Augmented Reality, Metaverse, and more. Jake holds an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley.

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